Hockey world cup 2024

Hockey World Cup 2024 will take place in January in Muscat, Oman. Stay tuned for match highlights, player performances, and all the excitement. Read more...

Hockey world cup 2024


 HOCKEY World Cup 2024

The Essence of the Hockey World Cup

The Hockey World Cup stands as a testament to the global love for the sport. Held every four years,
 this tournament showcases the prowess of elite hockey teams from around the world. The competition is fierce, and the stakes are high as teams battle for supremacy on the icy battlefield. What makes the Hockey World Cup truly special is its ability to unite nations under the banner of a shared passion for hockey.
 The Hockey5s World Cup of 2024 edition will be the new start of the FIH Men's Hockey5s World Cup.
 It will based on the quadrennial world championship  organized by the FIH, starting date will be 28 to 31 January 2024, and it will be held  in Muscat, Oman

The Historical Tapestry

To appreciate the significance of the Hockey World Cup, we must unravel its historical tapestry. 
From its humble beginnings to becoming a marquee event, the tournament has witnessed the evolution
 of the sport and the emergence of hockey powerhouses. 

The Intensity of the Competition

The heart of the Hockey World Cup lies in the thrilling encounters on the ice.  The competition features a round-robin format followed by knockout rounds, culminating in the crowning of a champion.  The intensity of the matches, the skillful plays, and the strategic brilliance displayed by the teams elevate the tournament to a level of pure sporting spectacle. This section will delve into the pulse-pounding moments that make the Hockey World Cup a must-watch event for any sports enthusiast.

The Global Celebration

Beyond the rinks and the matches, the Hockey World Cup is a global celebration of the sport. Fan zones, 
cultural exhibitions and interactive events provide an immersive experience for spectators. This section will highlight the various off-ice activities that enhance the overall ambiance of the tournament, bringing fans closer to the heart of hockey.

Ticket Prices:
Whether you're a die-hard fan or a casual observer, attending the Hockey World Cup is an experience like no other. This detail is based on the average rate of tickets held in previous matches of the World Cup

Tickets for India Matches

stadium stands  West East  North&South
Rupees 500 400 200

Tickets for Non-Indian matches

Stadium stand West East North&south
Rupees 500 200 100


The following items are required to book the ticket

  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Photo ID

Winners List

The history of the Hockey World Cup is rich with memorable moments and legendary performances

Host Year Winner Runner up
 Spain 1971  Pakistan  Spain 
 Netherlands 1973 Netherlands India 
 Malaysia 1975 Pakistan West Germany
 Argentina 1978 Pakistan Netherlands  
 India 1982 Pakistan West Germany
 England 1986 Australia   England  
 Pakistan 1990 Netherlands Pakistan
 Australia 1994 Pakistan Netherlands
 Netherlands 1998 Netherlands Spain 
Malaysia 2002 Germany Australia
Germany 2006 Germany Australia
India 2010 Australia Germany
Netherlands 2014 Australia  Netherlands
India 2018 Belgium Netherlands
India 2023 Germany Belgium

Legends in Action

One of the most compelling aspects of the Hockey World Cup is witnessing legendary players in action.
 From iconic goalkeepers to prolific scorers, the tournament has been a stage for hockey's 
finest to showcase their skills. This section will celebrate the players who have left an indelible mark
 on the Hockey World Cup and have become synonymous with the tournament's history.

The Spectacle of the Finale

The journey through the Hockey World Cup culminates in the grand finale, where the top teams face off for
 the coveted title. The atmosphere is electric, and the stakes couldn't be higher.
 This section will capture the essence of the championship match, exploring the drama, emotion, and sheer
 joy that comes with witnessing a team etch their name into hockey history.